Do’s and Don’ts if you are Hurt in a Car wreck in Georgia

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What to do if you are Hurt in a Car wreck in Georgia

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“Hi Gary –

But here is my concern. Of course I never want her to be in a wreck. I had her go through a defensive driving course too. I just want to make sure she will know what to do if she is ever in a wreck.
Can you give me a list of Do’s and Don’ts I can share with her?
Thank you! -Rodney in Union City

Let me give you some statistics about wrecks involving young, inexperienced drivers:
* According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2006, there were 6,964 people killed in crashes involving young drivers ages 16 – 20.
* In 2005, there were 3,374 drivers between the ages of 16-20 that were killed in car wrecks.

* Out of every 100 teen drivers on the road:
* 37 will be ticketed for speeding.

* 13 will be injured in automobile accidents.
* 4 will be ticketed for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and

And let me share with you a study on drivers’ education that was conducted by George Mason University in Virginia. This may give us a little clarity on why teenagers may be more likely to be involved in accidents when they get behind the wheel.

* gradually release them to drive further distances and in more congested traffic as they demonstrate their ability to handle it.
* the more maturity and skill they demonstrate, the more the “leash” is released.
* But parents need to simultaneously train and monitor the teen drivers as they learn.

Now let’s address the “Do’s and Don’ts if you are ever involved in a car wreck:


-Phone numbers
-Make, model, color and year of the vehicle

-Insurance information

Include property damage to all cars, and any debris in the road at the scene.

* Don’t panic, but remain calm as best as possible. This is especially important if you or others at the scene are injured.
* NEVER leave the scene of the wreck.

* Don’t talk with the insurance company – or sign any papers with the insurance company – until you have a chance to discuss it with your lawyer.
* DO NOT – DO NOT – accept any quick settlement offer from any insurance company.

Insurance companies are out there with these fast response vehicles.
They send them to the scene of the wreck if they can get there on time, or to your house right after the wreck.

The adjuster acts like your long lost aunt or uncle and they are just there to help.

But then a couple of weeks later, you are still hurting. You go to the doctor and discover your injuries are a little more severe than you first thought.
Your medical bills quickly pile up and are far more than what the insurance company gave you in that quick settlement.

If your case is settled, you are out of luck! Case closed. No more money – and it doesn’t matter how bad your injuries turn out to be or how much your medical bills are.

But call someone that is experienced in personal injury law – someone that specializes in this area.

That money could be used to take care of your future medical needs or to help you catch up on your bills.

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